Value Creation

Next Stage provides financial and strategic advisory services to mid-market companies in the food, consumer and the business service industries. We work with clients on various strategic initiatives to help grow the business and create value, all with a keen eye toward maximizing profitability and shareholder value on exit.

We build long-term relationships with our clients and assist in multiple areas depending on specific needs.


Next Stage helps clients optimize their capital structure and access capital for growth. We connect businesses to financing with a deep understanding of how to optimize the interrelated financing alternatives available to mid-market businesses, including;

  • Working capital lines of credit
  • Equipment financing
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Economic development funds
  • Tax incentives
  • New construction loans and real estate financing

Strategy & Business Planning

Next Stage provides clients strategy and financial advisory services. We help identify strategies that create value, and help clients integrate those strategies into their business planning and execution.

Positioning and planning to maximize enterprise value

Next Stage works with clients to build multi-year business plans and financial forecasts that bridge past success to further value creation. We help clients continuously measure their progress against the plan and make adjustments based on performance and changing market conditions. We also leverage the plan, and the forecast, to produce thorough tools that help tell the unique story of the client’s business to the financial marketplace.

Enhancing corporate development activities

Next Stage helps clients develop and implement strategic relationships with other companies in aligned businesses. Strategic acquisitions and partnerships can be a value-added way to accelerate revenues, raise capital and position for exit. Using our industry knowledge and relationships, we have helped a number of clients negotiate and implement joint-ventures and partnerships within the consumer product and business service sectors.

Integrating the value creation plan into a client’s business

As part of the planning process, we help identify and quantify the key value drivers for a client’s business. Next Stage helps to integrate those drivers into the client’s reporting and performance measurement systems using key performance indicators (KPIs). We also help recruit management and mentor management teams, and help align management’s interest to the value creation plan for the business.

Financial Management

Next Stage helps clients optimize their business model and increase profitability. We help align business reporting and incentives around the value creation plan for the business.

Senior Management Support

We provide high-level financial support on a regular, but part-time, basis. This can vary from a few hours per week to acting as the client’s interim or adjunct CFO. We work with clients on a variety of issues including:

  • Financial planning and what-if analysis
  • Risk management
  • Tax and legal strategies
  • Acquisitions
  • Key contract negotiations
  • Creation of a management dashboard and key performance indications (KPIs)
  • Profitability optimization
  • Working capital and cash flow management

Leadership with Outside Stakeholders

Next Stage helps clients communicate their business strategies and goals and improve their corporate governance practices. We help clients communicate with investors, lenders, board members and various government agencies. We also help manage relationships with key customers and suppliers, CPAs, attorneys, and government officials, and serve as a sounding board for a variety of issues that may arise where we can reference our experience.