Value Realization

When the time comes for a client to realize the value of their equity, Next Stage has the skill and experience to maximize the process. Based on more than twenty years of relevant industry experience and the successful completion of more than fifty M&A transactions, the managing partner is amongst the most experienced mid-market investment bankers in the Northwest. Mr. Murphy has structured a large number of unique and complex transactions and his broad experience enables him to understand anomalous and critical issues that affect our clients.

We pride ourselves on managing a confidential, highly-controlled investment banking process that results in maximum value for our clients, with minimum disruption and risk.

Understanding and Positioning a Client’s Business

At Next Stage, our industry focus on consumer products and high-value services allows us to start each engagement with a deep preexisting knowledge of a client’s market and business model. We then conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s business and identify the unique value drivers and value detractors. This allows us to produce thorough marketing materials that optimize the strategic positioning and accurately project a client’s market opportunities, thereby maximizing enterprise valuation.

Approaching Only the Right Buyers While Maximizing Competition

We use our industry experience and research to define the broad universe of potential buyers for each client. But before we begin the marketing process, we surgically reduce the buyer set to only the most qualified. We then engage with the key decision makers at the most attractive buyers and structure the process to ensure that these select buyers move forward on parallel timelines. Our deal processes typically yield multiple offers, creating maximum leverage, while minimizing the risk that comes with over exposing the business in the marketplace.

Deal Structuring and Execution

We are intimately involved with every aspect of the negotiations and due diligence and concern ourselves with every detail of the transaction. We take a hands-on approach to considering the full-range of client issues including price, structure, tax and legal treatment, and ongoing management and employee interests. We are dedicated to achieving an exceptional outcome for every client.